About the Artist
Sheldon Revis...Who is he? What inspires him? What drives him?
Born and raised in Colorado in the 70's, Sheldon is a 5th generation native of Palisade, Colorado. He's a lifelong outdoorsman, adventurer, runner, cyclist, and overall dirty little fun haver. He's a graduate of Colorado Mesa University and has worked in various careers from the airline industry, to running his own concrete business, to trading stocks, options, and currency. About 10 years ago a friend of Sheldon's was looking at simple cell phone pictures from a vacation he had taken and said, "you should be a photographer." Most likely they were just being nice and pretending to be interested. But, after several monotonous years in the stock market, Sheldon decided to do something he never dreamed possible for a career. Become an artist.
Inspiration. When he was in 6th grade Sheldon developed an insatiable curiosity with history. Especially Colorado History. Oddly as a 10-year-old he was drawn to the old black & white photos of miners, mines, and the former bustling mining towns that are now the playground of multimillionaires. His 6th grade teacher noticed that whenever a US History paper was assigned, Sheldon always picked random Colorado mining towns to right about. His history teacher just happened to have a focus in Colorado history during his master's study, so he helped to fuel Sheldon's desire to explore the history of our state. This led to studying, searching out, and exploring the many ghost towns that dot the Colorado landscape as soon as he was able to drive. Many of his outdoor adventures took him to remote mountain locations where our pioneer ancestors dug out a living, literally, from these Rocky Mountains. He began photographing the ruins and realized that most of the structures he was seeing were not going to be here in 50 to 100 years for others to view and daydream about. He felt compelled to freeze them in time in their current state forever. He found that he was able to tell a story of these locations without speaking. Photographing these old, abandoned structures slowly transitioned into a career in photographing multimillion-dollar homes in the ski towns around Colorado.
What drives Sheldon? Family. Family by a country mile. He lives, works, and breathes for his family. If we are being completely honest here, all that he wants to do is plan his next family outing and watch the wonderment and curiosity fill his young son and daughter's eyes every adventure they take. Aspiring to be the influential person in a young child's life that just might inspire a lifelong passion that, who knows, might transition into a career. Of course, capturing as much of it from behind the lens as he can while preserving this flash in time that is their childhood forever.

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